lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Not so casual Jeans

There are many ways to wear Jeans, and as an hour glass woman, it is hard to pull that off properly. The NOT so Casual Jeans are almost an art. I'll explain it better let's take a look.

Casual, but this accessories help lift it up a lot. Belt and shoes

 Super casual Jen
And Super elegant Salma, she's always so put together showing us hour glass girls what to wear.
Victoria is simply demonstrating why one pair of gray jeans are so important.
Here you have 3 looks casual one classy, one over the top and the last one more loose and comfy. 

And the advice here is: use a neutral base; either gray, beige or denim are neutral and  good to add a statement piece, like this white blouse Vicky is using.

Shoes can make a huge change in any pair of pants, that doesn't mean you can't look put together on sandals but! you need to take more care of your clothes and hair if you do.

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