viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

5 tips for getting a stylish casual chic

I think the most difficult look is the effortless look don't you think?

Let's see how you can make it happen.

the key is feeling comfortable at all times.

So here are 5 tips for getting a stylish casual chic:

quite simple and to the point, mix basics and most haves with unique pieces. avoid using a style in particular for top to bottom.
Every closet has it's treasures , and most of them are classic pieces, so when you buy this items make sure their good quality so you can wear them  through time 


Nothing of this works if you are not comfortable
At the end of the day the main item that you are going to be wearing is your personality. Don't follow trends just because, follow your taste. It's much better.
Simple really, just don't put on every little accessory you have.  Just put on the ones that help an out fit be together, if it isn't necessary then just don't

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Hour glass body type and outfit options


So, I have more than a few experience when it comes to the hour glass body type, this is because i am the owner of one, and sometimes it can be very difficult to decide what kink of body type you are, but if you already know, here are some options, and some celebrities that can lead the way.

  Beautiful, flawless Salma always simple, elegant and sophisticated 

 The thing about this body type is that the shape of the body makes clothing look wider, if you don't know this simple fact you can ruin all your wardrobe. Here are some examples of what to do with this information. 

 If you still dont think fiting clothes are going to help, take a look at this options, for work:
Belts are your friend. Fitted clothes also but comfort is the main thing, you can change an entire outfit with just one accessories, and not all of us have the perfect figure but we do have some assets that we can make work.

belts and fitted dress
Take advantage of your body. Be beautiful.

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

What to wear to a lunch date


This is a subject of our life that comes with mystery here I will give you options and pointers so you can give the right message to the right person.

A lunch date may be tricky, this is because is on day time. Maybe that is a little complicated, or maybe it doesn't have to be!
Here are some examples:

A simple dress can be used on day time or night time, with the right accessories

May be the little coat with help this day time look be more fresh while other color might help make it into a night out outfit.

Very simple, yet casual, comfy, and chic.

So! Jeans : are allowed
Don't wear heavy jewelry 
Don't wear heavy makeup ( nobody likes a cakey face )
Dress casual yet feminine. 

Good luck!

martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

A Pencil Skirt

Sometimes is hard to work a pencil skirt because it remind us of that boring secretary, or maybe it's just not that comfortable enough...

About that I can only tell you that the fabric most be good quality and feel, because if you go for the very cheap fabric it will probably have a lot of issues.

Now does it mean cheap is bad quality? of course not. If you are buying in a store, as in real life it only means to be careful while choosing clothes. Put attention to the fabric, the sewing and how it's put together.. all of this little details are what make the difference fro good quality to bad quality.

If  you are looking to buy them from a Wholesale site, then you most be very picky and take a good hard look at their return policy, beside the measurements of each article that MOST be one the description of the clothes.

This being said. Let's move on, we can come back to the wholesalers when you need a list of some of them Please let me know on the comments.

An example of a Work Outfit with a Pencil skirt.
This are the Celebrity examples, what do you see?
If you said neutral or black and white.. yes. That's it!
A pencil skirt has presence by it self so a great yet simple top it's perfect to make a combination.
Simple accessories are ok, even extravagant ones.
Just because you already have to colors that say style you can make it your on with some statement jewelry.
Other example, now with color.
See what I mean, great color yet simple top, nice pumps! and accessories light but stylish.

So the question: are prints allowed ? the answer is Yes.
Again take a black or neutral color to match your printed pencil skirt.
Less is more. More Classy that is.

I hope you enjoy this brief post and remember you can comment or send questions.

See you soon! 

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Not so casual Jeans

There are many ways to wear Jeans, and as an hour glass woman, it is hard to pull that off properly. The NOT so Casual Jeans are almost an art. I'll explain it better let's take a look.

Casual, but this accessories help lift it up a lot. Belt and shoes

 Super casual Jen
And Super elegant Salma, she's always so put together showing us hour glass girls what to wear.
Victoria is simply demonstrating why one pair of gray jeans are so important.
Here you have 3 looks casual one classy, one over the top and the last one more loose and comfy. 

And the advice here is: use a neutral base; either gray, beige or denim are neutral and  good to add a statement piece, like this white blouse Vicky is using.

Shoes can make a huge change in any pair of pants, that doesn't mean you can't look put together on sandals but! you need to take more care of your clothes and hair if you do.

Outfits, Style and more!


Ok! for now this will have to do, design is not the best but we'll get there.
I just wanted to do a nice little blog for people to come in and get nice ideas about cheap nice and great looking work and casual style.

It happens that for some reason we don't know what to wear to work or to an interview and this is so frustrating, so for my clients, friends, and to myself  ( because sometimes I really don't know) ... Here are some choices, options, and a few Rules to follow in to Style!