miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

What to wear to a wedding ? S.O.S.



So hard, to know what to wear in several situations, like for example, what should I wear to a day time wedding. This one is the hardest for me but, let's see some nice examples.

As a rule here,  Just remember, it's a bit lighter, light weight fabrics bright colors unless it is very cold, but cold and color are not mad at each other; knee length, flow y yet elegant looks.

Now let's see a night time but casual

Night calls for darker colors,  and a little bit of length, I always associate that if you are going to wear black, just pair it up with gold or silver, or solid colors, unless of course you want to make a statement but right here we cant to be as classy and sexy as possible. The color depends on the season and it can be a statement by it self

Now to a fancier gala. 

It always depends on your rol on the weeding but, try to be as classic as you can, since it is a fancier type of event.

I hope this was helpful please leave a comment bellow if you have any questions, or if you want to see more.

And tell me what should we talk next time