domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

How to wear leggings depending on your size? | Work that Outfit #Fashionista

Hi girls! 

So today I decided for the first time in about three or four years, that, I wanted to be comfortable on a sunday and jeans didnt cut it especially since I'm losing weight and I swim in my only pair of jeans. Also, Jeans sometimes, give you that judgmental line around the waist.

So I decided to give you some advice, on "how to use leggings depending on your size"
So basically, what we need to to is realize that not all leggings are going to fit specially if you have a massive junk in the trunk or if your hips are wide, or all of them plus, thick legs, This is the cross I have to carry. I have thick legs, I have somewhat of an ass, and  a belly also! I have big hips

Hints for why I didn't wear them, but there are some occasions where you can definitely do!

And here are some examples.

This is an example, very clear, of  the golden rule, it's ok to not be the skinniest, as long as you cover your butt. I actually Like this rule, since well leggings stretch and you know what that means.... 
Some people walk around showing their underwear. But here you see it could be a nice long sweater, or maybe basic blouse and a belt can transform your outfit .. 

Another amazing example but different size and season
Can you see how a scarf and some boots can make the difference when it ocmes to an outfit, still follows our rule, and this black leggings are helping even more to the point of.. Please dont let us see your underwear.

I prefer dark colors on the legging department.

see-through  is not really that bad when it comes to leggings and a spring outfit, or winter if you put a jacket on, also you can make it a bit fancier with some high heels

So remember the golden rule. Please cover your boom! I think that if you are not sure to wear the leggings  this few tips and examples with help, and you will rock them, and look awesome in the process.

Of course there are a thousand more ways, but remember we love accessories those are the best acentuate your figure

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

What to wear to a wedding ? S.O.S.



So hard, to know what to wear in several situations, like for example, what should I wear to a day time wedding. This one is the hardest for me but, let's see some nice examples.

As a rule here,  Just remember, it's a bit lighter, light weight fabrics bright colors unless it is very cold, but cold and color are not mad at each other; knee length, flow y yet elegant looks.

Now let's see a night time but casual

Night calls for darker colors,  and a little bit of length, I always associate that if you are going to wear black, just pair it up with gold or silver, or solid colors, unless of course you want to make a statement but right here we cant to be as classy and sexy as possible. The color depends on the season and it can be a statement by it self

Now to a fancier gala. 

It always depends on your rol on the weeding but, try to be as classic as you can, since it is a fancier type of event.

I hope this was helpful please leave a comment bellow if you have any questions, or if you want to see more.

And tell me what should we talk next time