martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

A Pencil Skirt

Sometimes is hard to work a pencil skirt because it remind us of that boring secretary, or maybe it's just not that comfortable enough...

About that I can only tell you that the fabric most be good quality and feel, because if you go for the very cheap fabric it will probably have a lot of issues.

Now does it mean cheap is bad quality? of course not. If you are buying in a store, as in real life it only means to be careful while choosing clothes. Put attention to the fabric, the sewing and how it's put together.. all of this little details are what make the difference fro good quality to bad quality.

If  you are looking to buy them from a Wholesale site, then you most be very picky and take a good hard look at their return policy, beside the measurements of each article that MOST be one the description of the clothes.

This being said. Let's move on, we can come back to the wholesalers when you need a list of some of them Please let me know on the comments.

An example of a Work Outfit with a Pencil skirt.
This are the Celebrity examples, what do you see?
If you said neutral or black and white.. yes. That's it!
A pencil skirt has presence by it self so a great yet simple top it's perfect to make a combination.
Simple accessories are ok, even extravagant ones.
Just because you already have to colors that say style you can make it your on with some statement jewelry.
Other example, now with color.
See what I mean, great color yet simple top, nice pumps! and accessories light but stylish.

So the question: are prints allowed ? the answer is Yes.
Again take a black or neutral color to match your printed pencil skirt.
Less is more. More Classy that is.

I hope you enjoy this brief post and remember you can comment or send questions.

See you soon! 

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